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About Khulna City Division in Bangladesh

About Khulna City Division in Bangladesh
About Khulna city

About Khulna city

Khulna is the fundamental city in Khulna Division in Bangladesh. On the bank of Rush (and Bhargava) stream, it is known as the modern city and situated in southern piece of Bangladesh. A huge piece of the Sundarbans, an UNESCO world legacy is situated in Khulna. It has numerous Jute processes, the lone newsprint plant and hardboard plant of Bangladesh, the solitary state-possessed match industrial facility About Khulna city (Dada coordinate, later Dhaka coordinate), Oxygen organization (BOL), Ship yard. Khulna is the third biggest city in Bangladesh after Dhaka and Chittagong. It is a About Khulna city tranquil, quiet city possessed by 1.5 million individuals About Khulna city .

Khulna City Corporation

Khulna, the south-western divisional city in Bangladesh, is arranged somewhere in the range of 21.38′ and 23.1 north scope and 88.58 east longitude and is 12 ft above mean ocean level. As indicated by the evaluation of 1991, Khulna city, a zone of – sq km, and region, a region of – sq km have 1.4 million and – million individuals separately.

The city just as the region is named after its base camp. According to fantasy, About Khulna city there was an altar called Khulla neswari sanctuary on the bank of the waterway Bhairab, around one and a half kilometers About Khulna city toward the east of the present Khulna city, and the town is called Khulna after the name of Khullna neswari. The locale was framed in 1882 involving the then Khulna and Bagerhat regions of Jessore region, Satkhira region of 24 Parganas area ( India ) and the Sundarbans. Khulna , a development About Khulna city of Jessore region, was framed as the main About Khulna city region in Bengal in 1842.

The purview of Khulna Sub-division was then stretched out over the present Khulna locale About Khulna city and an extraordinary piece of the present Bagerhat region. Presently the About Khulna city limit of present Khulna area, shaped in 1984 (?), is on the North by the Jessore locale, on the South by the Bay of Bengal , on the east by Bagerhat region and by the Satkhira region in the west.Nearly 33% of southern Khulna is covered by thick mangrove woodland on sloppy saline flowing banks in particular Sundarbans. The About Khulna citySundarbans, the biggest single track mangrove timberlands on the planet, frames the lower part of the Ganges delta.The backwoods possess a level deltaic swamp. This region is converged by an organization of channels and streams. The ebb tide and stream tide control the development of the island.

Various enormous scope mechanical units were set up in this locale during the time of 1950-70. These industrials units are found chiefly in present Khulna City Corporation and its nearby territories. Khulna Newsprint Mills Ltd, Khulna Hardboard Mills Ltd, Khulna Textile Mills Ltd, Khulna Power Station and seventeen jute plants were set up by the bank of Bhairab stream. Another significant modern unit – Khulna shipyard Ltd was set up in 1957. In any case, presently, Khulna Newsprint Mills, Textile Mills and various jute plants have just been shut according to government choice. Then again, Khulna shipyard Ltd was given over to Bangladesh Navy for running its activity.

The elements of Ganges Delta is the critical focal point of this examination.

Khulna locale, the south western district of Bangladesh is the piece of the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna bowl. Based on actual attributes and topographical wonders, the area has been found keeping a uniqueness by its geomorphological qualities. All the more decisively, the entire delta – the Ganges delta, biggest as far as region, About Khulna city has the ideal synonymity with the expression “Khulna district”. As indicated by the National Water strategy (NWPo, Ministry of Water Resources, Government of Bangladesh, 1999, Khulna area has been included 2 (Two) hydrological locales named South-focal (SC) and Southwest (SW) hydrological areas. Also, as indicated by the Ganges delta dynamic territory, the district is bigger than pre-accepted authoritative limit. Past this limit, the locale is reached out to the Hoogly-Bhagirathi waterway close to Calcutta and India to its west. Inside this district, Khulna city, the third biggest city of Bangladesh, is the focal point of the entire region, having a nearness for certain critical different urban areas, for example, Jessore, Calcutta, Barisal, Faridpur and so forth Khulna city is situated on the banks of Rupsha and Bhairab stream.

The entire locale contains the dynamic floodplains of the Ganges stream and part of the Lower Meghna waterway and the more established and more youthful pieces of the Ganges wander floodplain. Additionally, the locale the districts possesses the huge zone of the Ganges flowing floodplain. Various streams, rivers, trenches have been flown through the core of the Khulna locale, begun from the pinnacle of the Himalayas and wound up completely through this area to the Bay of Bengal. In the southern piece of the locale, there lies the world’s biggest mangrove timberland – the Sundarbans, lies on the mouth of the biggest delta. The district has a surface zone of about 100000 Km2. Around, 66% of the Ganges delta/Khulna area is in Bangladesh. The area has been under sedimentation, growth and disintegration measure since its rise. The streaming waterways convey a gigantic measure of silt each year and have been making lands for the present, overwhelmed by the primary channel of the Ganges and its distributaries. The primary channel of the Ganges moving towards east changing its previous channel, for example, the Bhagirathi-Hoogly, the Bhairab and by and by the fundamental channel of the Ganges is streaming corner to corner towards south-east through the Padma and the Meghna. All these significant streams’ floodplains and geomorphological qualities have been affected towards the entire Khulna area. The present longitudinal degree of the coastline of the Ganges delta is around 315 km.

Khulna, by name is additionally a divisional settle of the Khulna division. The locale was under the standard of self-sufficient Nawabs (leaders) of Bengal till 1973. At that point the British East India Company abrogated Nizamat (neighborhood rule) and assumed responsibility for the city. In 1842, the city turned into a piece of Khulna development of Jessore locale. In 1882, it turned into the central command of Khulna District, containing the then Khulna and Bagerhat regions of Jessore region, Satkhira development of 24 Parganas region (presently in India) and the Sundarbans.

Bangladesh has been positioned as the fifth most weak nation on the planet as far as dangers from regular perils. Khulna district, all the more unequivocally the Ganges Delta, is the most weak area. The most huge hydrological and environmental change weakness attributes and issues for the area are ocean level ascent, waterway bank disintegration, power of flooding, water lack, siltation limitations and saltiness interruption and so on Administration of Bangladesh has started some uber projects and vital designs for the locale to additional advancement to keep up the financial increase in the nation, for example, the Padma connect project, that should associate the south western piece of the nation with the capital and the north. From verifiable proof, Khulna area was before the focal point of every single monetary movement, having waterway ports, ocean ports and land hallway and so on For certain reasons and for being not all around associated for quite a while, the locale had been experienced some negative ascent on financial and social development. Lately, for the worthwhile circumstance of the locale, having Mongla port, proposition of remote ocean port, Sundarbans and other territory, the travel industry possibility, well land hallway, nearness for certain significant urban communities, engrossing of a portion of the practical advancement projects and so forth, Khulna district will be one of the enormous zone for monetary, social and social development soon.


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