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What Forum Software Does Questionable Questing Use

What Forum Software Does Questionable Questing Use


What discussion board software program does questionable questing use

Neutrally model Three requires .NET Core 3. That is presently in preview. Questionable questing
A cookie must be added for any discussion board that wants a login to be able to learn the discussion board threads. This has solely been performed for the Questionable Questing discussion board at the moment (utilizing a common cookie created particularly to help Neurally), however making a construct for another such discussion board is fairly trivial.

2) Within the questing discussion board solely, the primary put up of any thread will all the time be the highest put up on no matter the web page you’re viewing. Because of these Authors can put character sheets and put up indexes in that put up, and it’ll all the time be simply accessible. Questionable questing. Etricka

My Query Questionable Questing

My query is, has anybody else skilled related issues? And much more usefully, solved them?
In future attempt to undo such a migration, analyze issues after which re-migrate once more. You’ll be able to undo a single person, even for those who migrated 100 on this session. Questionable questing

I’m in a position to obtain that locked story(very NSFW, BTW) by itself and because the first of an anthology and I see ‘Extra Tags’ collected and displayed within the title pages as ‘Free form tags’ (when configured to seem, in fact) and included within the caliber tags record. I attempted with person/cross in private.ini and manually entered each.
It appears to be like prefer it’s the identical as the opposite two. I solely spot-checked.

Because it has occurred MULTIPLE occasions now, I wish to be very clear about this. You don’t get to desert an account and create a brand-new one. You don’t get to go an account to another person and create a brand-new one. When you achieve this anyway, you may be banned for creating sock puppets. Questionable questing


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